Breaking the Chains

Liberating Love from Codependency

Rekindle the lost flame of love with Emily and Mark as they uncover the hidden truth of codependency in “Breaking the Chains”. This book offers readers an intimate journey of self-discovery, healing, and liberation that will help them recognize the subtle signs of codependency and rewrite their own love story. Readers will benefit from:

• A...

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Trail of Betrayal

A Western Romance Mystery

In the wilds of the American West, two strangers will be drawn together in a quest for absolution and redemption. Ruby is a courageous mail-order bride yearning for a fresh start and the mysterious Jake Anderson is a tormented cowboy desperate to make amends for his past. As their destinies entwine, they must join forces to uncover the truth...

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Cowboy's Redemption

A Western Romance Mystery

 Jackson Turner's quest to find his long-lost love, Amelia Montgomery, leads him on a dangerous mission through the wild west. In his relentless pursuit of love, Jackson must brave dusty towns and treacherous canyons, all while confronting ruthless outlaws. As betrayal lurks at every corner and obstacles threaten to shatter his hopes and...

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Ghost Town Secrets

A Western Romance Mystery

 Start your Wild West adventure with "Ghost Town Secrets," a thrilling romance where Emma Bennett and Jack Maverick find themselves entangled in a mysterious and forbidden love. When they explore the secrets of a forgotten ghost town, they must confront a corrupt tycoon who will do anything to protect his nefarious agenda. Emma and Jack...

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Rancher's Seduction

A Western Romance Mystery

 In the Wild West, the heat of passion between Detective John West and Emily Adams is threatened by a sinister mystery. Sparks fly as they join forces to unravel the case on Adams Ranch, but a rival ranch owner casts a shadow of doubt and suspicion over their investigation. With danger lurking around every corner, can their love endure?...

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Love Under the Stars

A Bad Boy's Second Chance Romance

 This captivating western romance will have you feeling the wildness of the West and the fervor of forbidden love. In "Love Under the Stars," Luke, a passionate artist, and Emma, the daughter of a wealthy rancher, find themselves intertwined by destiny. As they journey together, they confront a mysterious event and discover hidden family...

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Finding Myself

A Love Story about K-Pop and Cats

 Su-mi's dreams of becoming a K-pop star are finally coming true, but her passion is met with the challenge of conforming to society's beauty standards. As she searches for true meaning and purpose in life, a journey of self-discovery leads her and her long-term boyfriend Woo-jin to open a rescue cat sanctuary. With every step of their...

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The Haunting of Lakeside Woods

A Ghost Story

A new beginning, a ghostly encounter, and a journey of self-discovery.

When Sarah decided on a fresh start and moved to Lakeside Woods, it was to get away from drama, not to find even more.

After all, the breakup with Josh had been tough, and it’s safe to say she needed a new beginning and some peace and quiet to find healing.

But nothing could’ve...

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Love at Parkview Ranch

Sequel to The Ghost at Parkview Ranch

Discover the transformative power of love and healing in the enchanting world of Love at Parkview Ranch.

After a series of mind-bending supernatural events that left Melissa and Richard fighting for love between life and death, life continued on Parkview Ranch. But this time, their love (a force that defied even death!) faces the ultimate test:...

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The Ghost of Parkview Ranch

A Cowboy Love Story

In the heart of a breathtaking Montana ranch, Melissa's life takes an unexpected turn when a tragic accident lands her into a deep coma. Thrown from her beloved horse, Melissa’s spirit teeters on the edge of the unknown. A handsome cowboy named Richard soon arrives at the ranch seeking work.

Intrigued and determined, Richard delves into the...

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The Mystery at Bakers Inn

A Baking Mystery

A retired detective, a haunted mine, and a mystery

When Diana retired from her detective duties, she firmly believed her time spent solving mysteries was over.

She loved to cook, and starting her own B&B seemed like a seamless step into a far more fun and cozier lifestyle.

Did she sometimes miss the adrenaline rush of solving a case? Sure. But...

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