The Haunting of Lakeside Woods

A Ghost Story

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A new beginning, a ghostly encounter, and a journey of self-discovery.

When Sarah decided on a fresh start and moved to Lakeside Woods, it was to get away from drama, not to find even more.

After all, the breakup with Josh had been tough, and it’s safe to say she needed a new beginning and some peace and quiet to find healing.

But nothing could’ve prepared her for what was to come from that fateful boating accident.

Now, struck by constant hauntings and visions after a near-death experience, Sarah has no choice but to address the ghostly sightings and do some investigating.

Is she going crazy, or is she really about to try and help a ghost she thinks she may have spotted in the woods?

Moving to Lakeside Woods was just about the most ambitious thing she had ever done, and now she was risking it all in her search for answers to try and help the ghost that haunts her disturbing visions.

Will Sarah manage to help the ghost that haunts her as she battles with her own inner demons, or has she placed herself in great danger, risking it all for the ghost?