The Ghost of Parkview Ranch

A Cowboy Love Story

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In the heart of a breathtaking Montana ranch, Melissa's life takes an unexpected turn when a tragic accident lands her into a deep coma. Thrown from her beloved horse, Melissa’s spirit teeters on the edge of the unknown. A handsome cowboy named Richard soon arrives at the ranch seeking work.

Intrigued and determined, Richard delves into the mystery surrounding Melissa's condition, uncovering secrets that defy logic and challenge his understanding of the world.

Smitten by Melissa’s beauty in a supernatural encounter, Richard investigates to unravel the enigmatic secrets of the ranch, intertwining their destinies in a tale of romance that defies the boundaries of life and death.

Love blossoms amidst the supernatural, defying the boundaries of life and death. Their connection deepens, transcending the physical realm as they navigate the complexities of their extraordinary relationship to find enduring love.