The Mystery at Bakers Inn

A Baking Mystery

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A retired detective, a haunted mine, and a mystery

When Diana retired from her detective duties, she firmly believed her time spent solving mysteries was over.

She loved to cook, and starting her own B&B seemed like a seamless step into a far more fun and cozier lifestyle.

Did she sometimes miss the adrenaline rush of solving a case? Sure. But those days are behind her now.

That was until mysterious footprints appeared in the middle of the hall.

Though her guests were intrigued by stories about the legend of a ghost that haunted the old mine nearby, she had dismissed them as just that: stories.

With strange occurrences starting around the house, she was finding that harder and harder to believe, and her sleuthing hat was well and truly back on.

Was she secretly excited to be back in the game? That’s beside the point.

The real question is: Will she be able to solve The Mystery at Bakers Inn?