Love at Parkview Ranch

Sequel to The Ghost at Parkview Ranch

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Discover the transformative power of love and healing in the enchanting world of Love at Parkview Ranch.

After a series of mind-bending supernatural events that left Melissa and Richard fighting for love between life and death, life continued on Parkview Ranch. But this time, their love (a force that defied even death!) faces the ultimate test: life itself.

Join Melissa and Richard in Love at Parkview Ranch as they navigate a series of thrilling adventures. Let their heartwarming moments rekindle your faith in love and the unexpected dangers they face leave you breathless.

Laugh, cry, and love with Richard and Melissa. Discover if their love is true and if it will endure the trials and tribulations life brings.

Nicole Simon, author of The Ghost of Parkview Ranch, brings you a captivating sequel that will warm your heart and leave you yearning for your own happily ever after.