Breaking the Chains

Liberating Love from Codependency

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Rekindle the lost flame of love with Emily and Mark as they uncover the hidden truth of codependency in “Breaking the Chains”. This book offers readers an intimate journey of self-discovery, healing, and liberation that will help them recognize the subtle signs of codependency and rewrite their own love story. Readers will benefit from:

• A powerful story of healing and redemption that will help them break free from the chains that bind them

• An emotionally intense look at the destructive nature of codependency and how to overcome it

• The power of shared experiences in a support group and the transformative effects of therapy and self-compassion

In “Breaking the Chains”, readers will have the chance to explore Emily and Mark’s struggles, realizations, and attempts at recovery. Learn how to redefine love and find the courage to rewrite your own story.